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Centralia College Rideshare Page

Instructions: Click "edit," post name, desired days/times for rideshare, and email address under appropriate route. If your route isn't on the list, please add it. Save changes when through.


Rochester / Tenino / Bucoda Area

Route: shannon village apt.s to centralia collage

Rider Name: 1
Days/times: m,w,f
Notes: class starts at 9am




lka709@aol.com 2504 - days ago 
am looking for a ride for mon tue fri to arrive at centralia collage at 8:45 am living at shannon village apt.s. only need rides to school
I am looking for a ride to and from the college. I am on Bucoda Hwy. What time to you come back this way?
HERTZ CAR RENTAL (Guest) 2317 - days ago 
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